Stephanie Graham

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Stephanie Graham is a visual artist living and working in Chicago. Her personal work draws on her fascination with subcultures, social class, and suburbia. She holds a BA in Cinematography and Photography from Columbia College Chicago

circa 2020
CitizenshipUnited States
Light Work RelationshipDonation, 2014 (by The Society for Photographic Education)




Stephanie Graham The Walmart Project: Dave, December, 2010 Process: Walmart Portrait Session with Staff Photographer, in this case Steve. Final Image: inkjet print from picture package Chicago, Illinois The Wal-Mart Project It started as a joke, between a good friend and I. It just keeps going and going and I don’t think it will ever get old. One day I thought to myself, I’m going to bring wardrobe, makeup and a model to the Walmart portrait studio! We will collaborate and it will be AMAZING! So that’s what this work is all about but really If you were from the suburbs, wanted to be a star, needed model shots but didn’t have access to a real life magazine photographer what does one do? Wal-mart.