• Joel Peter Witkin, , 1975
  • Rita Hammond, Nude Woman in Bathtub
  • David Broda, Untitled, 1979
  • Robert Benjamin, Jaiya, 1984
  • Rita Hammond, Untitled, from the series 'Images of a Girl', 1967
  • Wayne Barrar, Underground Catholic church, Coober Pedy, Australia
  • Nicola Lo Calzo, Betty Jenkins With her Daughters, Hawthorne Colonial House, 2014
  • Miki Soejima, Tommy Kha, Mahtab Hussain... , Contact Sheet 187, 2016
  • Peter Finnemore, Wrens House, 1999
  • Varvara Mikushkina, Deda and Tea

The Light Work Collection serves as an important document of Light Work’s history of support for artists and their creative process. In 1979, photographs informally donated to Light Work by early participants in our Artist-in-Residence Program accumulated into a small collection. It was at this time that Light Work began to formally ask each artist we worked with to contribute work, in an effort to establish and grow a permanent collection. As a result, the collection consists primarily of work made by artists who have participated in the residency, exhibitions, and Light Work Grant recipients. Because we encourage participation by a variety of emerging and under-represented artists in our programs, The Light Work Collection is an extensive and diverse archive that maps the trends and developments in contemporary photography. There are currently over 4,000 works of art in Light Work’s permanent collection. 
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