Ellen Carey

Ellen Carey (b.1952 USA) is an educator, independent scholar, guest curator, photographer and lens-based artist, whose unique experimental work (1974-2018) spans several decades.

circa 2018





Ellen Carey combines large format black-and-white photography with illustration (or 'mark-making' as she puts it) in black, white and gray. There are many contradictions and tensions expressed in this interesting and complex work. Says Carey: 'If photography represents the epitome of a technological reality, then mark-making illustrates a subjective response to that reality, wanting to go beyond the mechanical and involving the free element of painting. My use of photography has become simply a point of departure.' Ellen Carey has participated in numerous one-person and group shows, and her work has appeared in 'Art Forum', 'The Village Voice', and 'The Soho Weekly News'. 1982