Susan Carnahan

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CitizenshipUnited States
Cultural HeritageEuropean-American
Light Work RelationshipOther, 1994 (SU Grad Student Portfolio 1994)




I work as a writer/video producer, and utilize many of my photographs within video productions. Until recently I have done both offline and online editing manually, but have this year, purchased a new computer with enough memory to allow me to work digitally. This allows me to work more independently of others and live a flexible lifestyle.

I am just putting finishing touches to a CDROM script and have started to accumulate materials that will bring this project to completion later this year. There is a high learning curve involved especially involving Adobe software. I am struggling, but the results should be rewarding! I appreciate any critique that will move me faster along this path.

My new computer is a Pentium III with 128 MB RAM and a 30 GIG hard drive. I run Windows 98 on it. I have an Epson 1270 printer, a Microtek slide and photo scanner, a CD burner and a drawing tablet. Along with video cameras I work with a Pentax SF1 and a pretty new 28 - 200macro lens which I really like. I also use a Sony Mavica digital camera.

On a personal level I am married and live in a new duplex with my husband and dog. My husband has been retired for a number of years and traveling is important to him. My new format opens up more time to enjoy going along with him. I have three grown daughters and five grandchildren. Life is busy, but fun!

Susan Carnahan