Tony Chirinos

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Light Work RelationshipDonation, 2014 (by The Society for Photographic Education)




The photographs depict the interior of the morgue with an acute attention that unveils humanity’s universal vulnerability. In the words of the artist, “Death does not discriminate.” Tactile-like images of wrapped bodies reposed on cool stainless steel gurneys and in refrigerated storage compartments evoke visceral response. The photographs reference the artist’s memories and experiences concerning death; the shrouded bodies allude to religious rites and symbols. Spaces are opened wide through the technical innovation of a bracket with multiple flash heads which effect a visual journey through what is an extremely confined architectural space, yet at the same time an infinite metaphysical passage through the span of time. Tony Chirinos attended the M.F.A program at Columbia University School of the Arts in New York City receiving his Degree on May of 2003. Mr. Chirinos is an Assistant Professor at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus.