John Dziadecki

John Dziadecki lives and works in Boulder, CO and has exhibited his work at the Houston Center for Photography and The Northlight Gallery in Tempe, AZ among others.
BirthplaceHohenfel, Germany
CitizenshipUnited States
Cultural HeritageEuropean-American





T R A N S prep. indicating, 1. across or over. , 2. beyond or above. 3. from one place to another. 4. convey. 5. changing.

The Colorado Plateau is roughly defined by a circle encompassing the bulk of the four-corner states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. This area contains some of the most quiet, austere landscapes in the United States. In the geologic center of this ancient plateau--the Arches/Canyonlands area--there are large expanses of strange massive rock formations in desert/semi-desert environments.

There is an underlying presence here, some form of energy infused in the Earth--an energy that can be sensed, felt. Ancient Native Americans left their quiet marks here--pictographs (drawings on stone) and petroglyphs (incisements in stone). We have no records of their meaning. They maybe histories, legends, or prophesies, religious symbols, ritual by-products. Theories are many. What is known is that their markings have a vitality, a spirit of energy.

Like a poet bringing words together that transcend the sum of their parts, I have brought together visual elements from the landscape and petroglyphs in an attempt to express the underlying current--emotions, feelings, energy-- of what is out there in the plateau region.

John Dziadecki
(circa 1984)