Courtney Frisse




The 16x20 inch color prints in Frisse's portfolio record her interactions with wilderness landscapes at night. Frisse throws powerful projections of light shaped by templates of bodies and Native American hieroglyphics onto empty deserts, canyons and swamps. During her long night time exposures the stars also leave paths of light in the vast horizons Frisse photographs.

Frisse will use her grant toward making more light projections in various landscapes. Frisse is a freelance photographer in Syracuse. She has been recognized by awards and state grants and, since 1980, has exhibited her black and white and color photographs and projections in the area. 'Disarming Light', a sequence of images in light was presented as a performance and projected onto the exterior of the United Nations building in New York City in conjunction with the 1982 June 12 Disarmament Rally.

Gina Murtagh (c)1988