Jan Nagle

BirthplaceSleepy Hollow, New York
CitizenshipUnited States
Light Work RelationshipLight Work Hallway Gallery, 2012
Light Work PublicationsContact Sheet 172




Home and land loom large in the collective unconscious; there are reckonings with one’s surroundings, attempts to bridge subjective space, and during each singular and/or insignificant moment there is a larger presence of the home itself; self-awareness. My work is about place, and how it informs identity. Each artwork revolves around my conception of place at the time the piece is made, and its ontological consequences. I prefer a layered approach to meaning, so that each piece can be understood at multiple access points. Each project is parceled out individually, but they all refer, directly or indirectly, to a larger narrative. My work not only depicts my personal and changing relationship with the notion of home, but also reflects societal shifts in the conception of home in the wake of the recent profusion of natural catastrophes, escalating environmental issues, and economic crises. My practice is takes many forms, with a vocabulary that includes, but is never limited to, photography, film/video, performance, installation, and collage. Still, time-based, analog and digital technologies all hold equal sway in my art practice, and influence its meaning. As an emerging artist and art educator at the turn of the twenty-first century, I have come of age at the analog-digital crux, with one foot firmly in each camp. Through a toggling of new and old technologies, I attempt to contextualize my personal experiences within the technological flux of imaging, and find a home there.