Lothar Osterburg

Osterburg received his MFA and BFA in printmaking and film from the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste in Braunschweig, Germany, and established his own photogravure atelier in New York in1993, after four years as master printer at Crown Point Press. He has collaborated with numerous artists, including William Wegman, Sol LeWitt, Kiki Smith, Jim Dine, Lorna Simpson, John Baldessari, and Chriatian Boltanski. In his own work Osterburg creates miniature dioramas out of soap twigs, toilet paper, and rutabaga, among other mediums; he then photographs the sculptures, sometimes through a magnifying glass, and create photgravures. Osterburg has exhibited internationally at the Kunstverein Hanover, Hanover, Ermany; Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco; Takara Gallery, Houston; and Gallery 128, New York.
BirthplaceBrunswick, Germany
Cultural HeritageGerman
Light Work RelationshipOther (Print Donation)