Claude Rie




When Claude Rie first applied to our Light Work artist-in-residence program he sent a hand written note, which read, 'My name is Claude Rie, I am interested in being an artist in residence at Light Work. Included are some slides, please let me know of any other requirements.'

In response to our request for a resume and a description of what he would do while an artist-in-residence Rie sent us a free form description of his most recent activities. 'In Missouri photographed schools, I'd just walk in, still look young like a student, sometimes you get thrown out, it doesn't bother me, they believe in protecting their own. Mostly it's all right, exactly the same sort of thing, same sort of problem you might expect in the usual discourse, just it gets cut open because there I am, camera in hand, photographing what would be ignored and forgotten.'

Perhaps Claude Rie is an anomaly in these post modern 80's, but the energy and vitality of his words and pictures represent styles and attitudes that will never be out of fashion.

Claude Rie was a member of the Long Island Project and has traveled extensively through America and England, working as a freelance photographer.

Jeffrey Hoone (c)1984