Richard Laughlin
Untitled (Green)

15.375 in H x 18.75 in W
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Richard Laughlin

CitizenshipUnited States
Cultural HeritageEuropean-American
Light Work RelationshipLight Work Gallery, 1978
Light Work Grant, 1978
Robert B. Menschel Gallery, 1996 (Group Exhibition)


The work is not intended to be so much landscape as a study with one eye. It is a study in alignment and in color as a minor element. The formal concerns, that is the shapes themselves, are of less interest than the way in which they were formed. The topology of the straight line.'

Richard Laughlin, Artist's Statement, 1978

Richard Laughlin recieved a Light Work Photographers' Grant in 1978.
His background includes an MFA in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute.