Stuart Rome
Catherine - Day of Departure, Tucson, AZ

8.875 in H x 12.75 in W
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Stuart Rome

BirthplaceBridgeport, CT
CitizenshipUnited States
Cultural HeritageEuropean-American
Light Work PublicationsContact Sheet 5
Contact Sheet 97


My work over the past 40 years has primarily been concerned with revealing unexpected imagery found within patterns embedded in the natural world. These photographs are intended as a visual bridge from the personal and prosaic to more open-ended and anarchic qualities of our world. And up to now, most all of these projects have singular images within a series.
Years ago, I photographed trance. This is one way culture makes direct contact with an abiding intelligence in our natural world. My working conceit is to create imagery which reveals this kind of connection. Much like diviners resolving fortune from the entrails of animals; I intend connections between people, places and found patterns to create my own possibility for a catharsis generating meaning.

circa 2018



Photographer Stuart Rome studied with John Pfahl at RIT, and has exhibited at IMP Eastman House in Rochester.