Rudo Prekop
The Sacrifice, 1989

17.5 in H x 17.375 in W
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About the Artist

Rudo Prekop

BirthplaceKošice, Czechoslovakia
CitizenshipCzech Republic
Cultural HeritageEuropean
Light Work RelationshipRobert B. Menschel Gallery, 1990
Light Work PublicationsMenschel Gallery Catalogue 22


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Photographer Rudo Prekop constructs photographs by creating sets from boxes, clutter and debris. Prekop's images are graced with a simple dexterity that mask the incongruous nature of his visual parables. This clever misdirection often catches us off guard as we become absorbed in the casual nature of his constructions.


The first photograph I took features my brother Peto and dog Pedro spending vacations at my grandma's place in Likier. I used my father's Flexareta, which he lent me when he was relaxing during vacations. I liked the fox terrier Pedro a lot, and I wanted to save a picture of him even after vacations.

In a real life photos I am proud of the fact that I don't interfere with what's going on, I only make a photograph. It's my only input. The only thing I have to do is to notice these things. Notice them and then photograph them - borrow them - form the complexity, to illuminate them the way they are.

Well, let me go back to my real-life photos. Everything is linked together. For me, these are the two poles of one thing. I might call the first attitude as a holiday feeling - I feel like all those men, who go out on nice spring weekends, into this beautiful, awakening nature with Flexaretas around their necks and everywhere you hear them clicking. That's it exactly. I might even say that my feelings, when I am returning with my prey of a beautiful spring nature picture, are similar to the feelings of these hunters. For me it's about relaxation. Here I recharge my energy as to be able to encounter with courage the other part - let say the everyday attitude. After that I can spend, maybe three days and two nights building one still life, like a man building a boat inside a bottle. And then comes the weekend, and everything works really great.