(Carol Lee) Terry Gips
In the Forest, 1990

34.5 in H x 21 in W
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About the Artist

(Carol Lee) Terry Gips

BirthplaceOneida, NY
CitizenshipUnited States
Cultural HeritageEuropean-American
Light Work RelationshipLight Work Gallery, 1989
Artist-in-Residence, 1991


Technology ushered the invention of photography and photography has been the mother of invention for vast technologies that have made the photographic image as familiar as our personal thoughts and memories. The process of photography enjoys an acceptance and understanding over all the tools used by artists. Photographic images at once describe the conditions of our world, and influence the factors that form those conditions. As computers emerge as the supreme collectors of information and memory, photographic images are again the raw material and finished product of this progression of technology.

Terry Gips explores the duality of the art and science of photography in computer generated works that combine the details of information with the process of memory. Gips recognizes that photography and computers are essential memory devices for storing information for future use. After importing existing photographs into the computers' memory she collages, manipulates and restructures them into transparent compression's of emotions, experience and place.

In her work she mixes photographs of classic architecture with images from television, advertising, and other public and personal sources to produce works that explore, expand and question our relationship to the world of images and to the images that are our world. As photography has liberated other artistic mediums from the burden of representation through science and technology, Gips suggests in her work that the science and technology of computers may free photography from the limitations of mere portrayal.

Terry Gips lives in Tacoma Park, MD, and continued her work at our Amiga computer lab when she was a participant in our Artist-in-Residence program from October 15 -November 15, 1991.

Jeffrey Hoone (c)1992