O. Gustavo Plasencia
Retrato Imperfecto, 2011

3.5 in H x 2.75 in W
Image Notes
11 x 14 paper
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Current Location
Society for Photographic Education Multicultural Caucus National Portfolio

About the Artist

O. Gustavo Plasencia

Cultural HeritageMexican
Light Work RelationshipDonation, 2014 (by The Society for Photographic Education)


O. Gustavo Plascencia Retrato Imperfecto, 2011 Gelatin Silver Print www.ogplascencia.com plascencia00@gmail.com

Retrato Imperfecto is part of the Promesas Rotas series. This image explores ideas of desire, longing and guilt. Retrato Imperfecto shows the object of desire in a matter of fact fashion and not in a sexualized way. The title is meant to state the technical imperfections of the print as well as the human imperfections of both the subject/object of desire and my own.