Charles Swedlund
A Portfolio of Color Prints, 1987

14" H x 11" W
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Donation from the artist Black print box, plate of signatures, page of colophon 5 color prints.
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The Prints in this Portfolio are the resuly of a machine I built utilizing the additive principle in color photography. This machine consits of three Kodak Ektagraphic Slide projectors containing eighty black and white 35mm slides exposed through a red (Mo. 25), a green (No.58), and a blue (No. 47) filter respectively. This machine produces 450,000 different combinations and when the projectors are operated at a five second slide change interval, it requires 7555.5555 hours or 32.479 days of constant viewing to see all the combinations assuming there were no repeats. The short duration of viewing and the limited possibility of ever seeing a nice combination again, led me to desire a more permanent representation.
The prints were produced by using the various 35mm black and white slides to make Kodak Autoscreen (Kodalith) negatives. These negatives were printed on red, yellow, and blue 3-M Color Key to see which combinations of colors and negatives, although not a literal translation, had the essence of those seen with the machine. These negatives were then given to the printer who prepared the offset plates and printed them by using the Color Key examples as a guide under my supervision.

This is number 111 in a first printing of 125

[Signed] Charles Swedlund

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Charles Swedlund

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