Zora Murff
Shine! (That's On My Momma!), 2019

40" H x 50" W
Catalogue Number
Current Location
NA 03

About the Artist

Zora Murff

BirthplaceDes Moines, Iowa
CitizenshipUnited States
Cultural HeritageAfrican-American
Light Work RelationshipArtist-in-Residence, 2019


Zora J Murff is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of Arkansas. Murff received his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and holds a BS in Psychology from Iowa State University. Combining his education in human services and art, Murff’s work explores how photography is intertwined with social and cultural constructs. His work has been exhibited nationally, internationally, and featured online including Aperture Magazine, The New Yorker, VICE Magazine, The British Journal of Photography, and The New York Times.

circa 2019