Monica Alcázar-Duarte
Hot Headed part of 'Second Nature' (2017-ongoing), 2017

Image Notes
ed. 1/1 The image has an embedded 3d animation that can be accessed via ArtiVive Augmented Reality App available for Android and iOS. The image has a hand drawn graphic made with metallic inks produced specifically for this artwork.
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NA 2

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This images is part of 'Second Nature' Individuals, groups and societies delegate the creation of both contents and digital bodies to algorithms that are not of their own making. The delegation to algorithmic filters, that are capable of extraction of the majority opinion, automatically becomes the Truth.We are quickly moving from a world rich with meaning because of relationships built by and for us, into a world whose meaning derives from correlations unearthed by machines and managed by algorithms. When we interrogate search engines, this quest resolves in checking the average of opinions: we verify that we are in sync with the common sense, which is not an opinion, but a statistical average shown by algorithms. Yet, on the contrary of what I.T. companies claim, the quantity (of links) does not always become the quality (the good result).I learned how Google algorithms design can inadvertently be used to reinforce stereotypes. What I have found through my research is how invisible these complex algorithmic structures are. The more impenetrable and unseen their working, the less we relate it to its influence on our physical world.I want to make the power structures behind our internet dependent society visible and examine the impact of the biased thinking they perpetuate. Rigorous testing of industry AI algorithms, including Google search’s processing, discovered significant stereotypical bias by gender, race and geography. Latin women seem to be particularly victimized by current algorithms. Print with Augmented Reality Scan the QR code for AR app

About the Artist

Monica Alcázar-Duarte

Cultural HeritageMexican, British
Light Work RelationshipArtist-in-Residence, 2022


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Mónica Alcázar-Duarte is a Mexican-British multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work acknowledges her indigenous heritage while exploring current ideals of progress. She embraces themes related to science and technology and their influence over society and the natural world.  In her projects she mixes images and new technologies, such as Augmented Reality, to create multi-layered work, producing meaning through seemingly disconnected narratives. Alcázar-Duarte’s work confronts our obsession with speed and infinite growth on a planet crying out for us to slow down.